antique book repair in Rochester


With a delicate touch I bring life back to broken books.

Trained in constructional book repair, I am focused on repairing the books structure and originality. With keeping as most of the original materials as possible, I bring strength and stability back to the most special and beloved books In your collection, using archival glues an timeless bookbinding techniques. I can give your books the tender loving care it needs to sustain a lifetime past your own. 

Services include: rebinding, rebacking, spine repair, corner strengthening, page repairs, complete recovering, and customizations.

Age and condition can interrupt the purpose of the book. My main focus of my book restorations is to preserve the purpose of the book: allowing the owner to handle the book and read it.

I take joy in prolonging the structure of a book in order for it to be used for many more years to come.

Each repair is different and requires different materials and processes. From children’s books to antique bibles, I can repair many different types of books. Photos are necessary for quotes. Repairs available up to 21″ in size. Please use the Contact form to submit your book for a repair review.

I am also available for work with book sellers and book shops.

Spine Rebacking

A common fix of a broken book is missing spine. Rebacking consists of adding a new material, spanning across both front and back covers, to create a new book spine. In some cases, the spine can be salvaged, either in a patch job, or full replacement.

Additional Repairs

Other repairs that may be needed include page repairs, corner reshaping, and leather treating. 

Some repairs need basic re-attachments, while others require a complete resewing. A very time consuming and delicate process, resewing a book is the most secure way to ensure it’s future stability.

Complete recovering and customizations are also available.

Bible Repairs

Bibles are one of the most common book keepsakes. From small soft covers to large carved board clasp Bibles, repairs allow you to keep your Bible around, rather than replacing it.

Each repair is different and requires a unique process based on its condition and materials used.

Use the contact form to get started with your book repair. 

Located in upstate New York, Just Terrific also works with clients out of state.

Due to your strong support, my current wait list for new clients extends into 2026