All of my books are meticulously made by hand.

every fold.

every stitch.

every knot.

handled with love and care.

I use traditional bookbinding materials, leathers, and decorative papers to create one-of-a-kind books starting as small as 1/2″

I love bookbinding because it allows me to be close to each step of the process. It forces me to slow down and take my time through its creation.

Using techniques that have been around for centuries ensures that my books have structural integrity and beauty.

My hope is that every book I create ends up filled with memories and stories, making them a true keepsake.

Hardcover Case Binding

The most traditional of binding types, the hardcover case binding is commonly found in library and new release books.

Coptic Stitch Binding

A beautiful exposed binding, this sewing structure requires no adhesives. This binding type allows the book to open and lay completely flat. 

French Link Stitch Binding

This sewing structure uses a weaving pattern to create a beautiful exposed stitch. These books also open and lay flat. 

Post Binding

This binding type contains stacked sheets bound with posts or thread. Oftentimes these books are used as portfolios or photo albums. Otherwise known as Japanese stab binding and screw post bindings.

Wedding Guest Books

Wedding guest books become lifelong keepsakes, holding memories from your wedding day. Each book is completely custom for the bride and groom, to incorporate their names, themes and colors. 

Wedding Bouquet Charms

A miniature book to hang from your wedding bouquet, filled with a special handwritten quote of your choosing.

Custom Bindings

Custom orders are always welcomed.

Popular custom books include wedding ceremony books, family recipe books, retirement books, poetry books, and single/limited edition books.

Due to your strong support, my current wait list for new clients extends into 2026.

Book Customization Options

Use the Contact Form to get in touch with me about creating your custom book keepsake. 

  • ribbon ties 
  • depressed title card 
  • beaded spine detail
  • colored paper edging 
  • punched patterned paper edging 
  • deckled paper edging