{6.30.14} A Glittered Guestbook for Two Good Friends’ Glorious Wedding

Having one of your best friends (or in this case, two of my best friends) get married is so exciting. Seeing two good friends who love each other and who are dedicated to being together for the rest of their lives is just so amazing, and truly warms my heart!

They were both very considerate, and asked me to create their guestbook for their reception. They told me the only things they were looking for were a lot of pages, and something durable and long lasting. It was a thrill for me to conceptualize and design the guestbook with full creative freedom. Since I know them both very well, I felt like I knew the type of style they would like.

I also put together a matching small glass jar to hold the signing pens. I painted the inside gold and then decorated it with matching ribbons and trims, and filled it with several super fine tip black pens and a couple of matching gold markers.

The covers are made from a cream colored vinyl. It has a leather appearance and texture, but is actually meant for outdoor furniture – meaning that its super durable and can be wiped clean with a cloth. Perfect for having 100+ fingers touching it during the reception!

I used a gold and cream upholstery trim to outline the depressed tip-in card on the cover that held the name plate, and offset it with a small piece of gold glitter paper.

As an enclosure, I added a gold colored silk ribbon on the front and back covers, allowing the book to be tied closed.

I used the same gold glitter paper as divider leaves between each signature. I punched the edges of the leaves with a romantic heart pattern for some added decorative flair.

I lined the front and back covers with a gorgeous Indian-inspired patterned paper that had some awesome gold detailing.

It was so much fun to design and bind this book. Every minute I spent on it, I thought of my good friends, and the amazing future they have in front of them. I grew somewhat attached to this book, even though it had someone else’s names on it!

But giving it to them as a truly one-of-a-kind wedding gift was a really special moment for me, and I could tell, even in the midst of wedding planning, seeing tons of family members, and all the other hustle and bustle of their wedding weekend, they really appreciated it.

And seeing it out on the table during their wedding reception was awesome! As the night went on, and the lights lowered, the sparkle of the glitter pages really came through. It was great to see people using it and flipping through it, but it was a little funny to me that when people signed the guestbook, they would take a single line and just sign their name! The first several pages just had lists of people names. Maybe this is the traditional way of signing guestbooks (?) and I’m just naive because I haven’t been to many weddings, but I ended up taking a whole page to write a nice note to the bride and groom. The book had over 150 pages so each guest could have their own page, but it didn’t end up getting used that way. I always find that interesting – how people utilize the space of a blank page differently than others.

Anyways, cheers to the bride and groom! Your wedding was simply glorious, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together (and a lifetime of being stuck with me as your friend) 🙂

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