{3.30.15} Adding a Personal Touch to a Bridal Bouquet

I’m really excited to share this project with you – I had to wait a week or so, so the lucky bride-to-be could open this gift at her bridal shower… I created this miniature book to hang from her floral bouquet at her upcoming May wedding.

This mini book measures just about 1 x .75 inches – super tiny! Inside the lace covers, it features a French marbled paper end sheet.

Each interior page was handwritten, and includes their last name, their upcoming wedding date, and her personal favorite quote.

Some of my favorite features of this project are the lace covers and the pearl wraparound enclosure. I actually used a small piece of velcro so the tie was hidden on the back of the book. I also love the hand torn pages and the itty-bitty silver arrow charm.

But most of all I love that this was given as such a sentimental keepsake that will be featured on her bridal bouquet, giving a personal touch to such an important and memorable day in her life.

Check out this short video I put together too!

Just Terrific Wedding Bouquet Charm from Just Terrific on Vimeo.

On my wedding day, I included photo charms of my grandparents and my mother in law, so they’d be close to our hearts on our special day. I love when brides add special touches to make their wedding day even more personal.

Comment below to let me know how you made your special day even more sentimental – I love love stories! And don’t forget, I’m always available for custom projects, wedding related or not!

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