{3.3.14} A New Way to Keep Coupons

When a friend asked me to make a coupon book for her, I knew I was in for a fun project. She wanted pockets and a notepad to keep store coupons and to keep lists. Since I had never made anything quite like that, I studied the ones that were available in the stores. Usually made of plastic, these accordion files were bulky and flimsy, and I couldn’t find any combined with a notepad.

I made sketches and took notes. At home, I made several paper ‘dummies’ to try to recreate the accordion folders, until I translated that to some heavier stock kraft paper. It was quite the adventure in reverse engineering!

I added a taller slip folder for receipts in some nice patterned blue paper I had. I assembled the notepad and cut a nice piece of leather for the cover. I finished it off with an elastic to keep everything inside contained.

I think it turned out great, and my friend loved it. Not having made one of these before, I hope it stands the test of time and use!

What do you use to keep coupons, receipts, or grocery lists? Do you still use paper products or have you moved towards using your phone or an app? I think we all know my answer!

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