{3.28.14} A 6×6 Crafting Party!

This past week, my friends and I got together to craft up some canvases for RoCo’s 6×6 exhibit. For those of you who don’t know what 6×6 is, it’s a local art exhibition where anyone can submit art pieces sized 6 inches by 6 inches. They hang every piece in their gallery, floor to ceiling, anonymously, and then sell them for $20 a piece as a fundraiser. It’s a lot of fun to go to the gallery, check out everybody’s art, all while trying to find your pieces – and to see if they sold! Last year we were all surprised to see that ours sold!

Last year was our first year making a crafting party out of it, and we knew we had to have another one this year. We brought our art supplies, snacks, wine and chocolate, and got crafting! Part of the fun of this party is not really knowing what you’re going to create, and then just start crafting. We had fun with paints, decorative papers, ribbons, wire, beads, magazines and even wine corks! Of course there were some funnny moments of either, “no one will want to buy this!” and “what did this turn into?!” but we ignored the negativity seeping in and kept on creating!

By the end of the evening, some pieces were finished, while others were halfway completed or halfway dry. Some of us even created more than one canvas! I sill have some blank canvases, so if the time finds me before April 20th, I’ll be whippin’ up some more to submit for sure!

Here are some more photos I took while we got our hands dirty!

It’s always so much fun to go to the exhibit and try to hunt ours down. The exhibit runs from June 7th – July 13th at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center and is located at 137 East Avenue in beautiful Rochester NY! Anybody else submitting pieces to the show? Hope to find you (or your canvas) there!

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