{2.25.14} Photo Album Revamp

I love repairing and restoring books of all kinds, because it allows the book to continue its life and purpose – to be a book! It’s really a part of history, and in the case of this book repair, my work preserves a family history.

This photo album came to me in pieces. The pages and covers were loose, and the binding posts had been lost. The covers were covered in some sort of sticky substance and some of the pages binding holes were ripped.

I completed removed the cloth from both covers and cleaned the book boards before recovering them in a nice deep red bookcloth.

I repaired every binding hole with archival adhesive – even the ones fully in tact. I wanted to make sure this album would stay together for many more generations to come.

I finished the album with steel binding posts. These types of bindings – called exposed post bindings – can lead to a really nice flat page opening, allowing the pages to be turned with ease.

I really enjoyed repairing this photo album, because I knew its importance to the family. It will be something that gets pulled out at family dinners and remembered and reflected on for many years to come. And to me, that brings great joy and pride in my work.

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